A Timackie Project, Las Vegas, NV

A Weekend About Freedom

This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, which on the Las Vegas Strip has come to mean Aoki and Guetta will be playing at the pools and cabanas start at $5K. Off the strip, Las Vegas locals are doing what folks do all around the country on…

Review: Lion Habitat

The Lion Habitat: Lions, and giraffes, and ostriches, oh my! You’ll enjoy your time here, I promise.

The Surreal Santa Barbara

This weekend, we went to Santa Barbara for our friends’ wedding. What a relaxing weekend of wine tasting and eating and putting the “being” in human being. This place doesn’t feel like reality. Maybe it’s not. I tried to get to the bottom of…

Slideshow: Neon Museum

Las Vegas has a complicated relationship with it’s short, 100-year history. The Neon Museum is exhibit A.

A Weekend About Our Past

This weekend, I went back in time at the Mob Museum, Wynn Las Vegas, and more. I saw amazing performances harking back to centuries ago, decades ago, and years ago. And you know what I learned? Stay tuned.

Review: Mob Museum

Mob Museum: Expect to learn about mobsters and the FBI agents who pursued them. This place is awesomely comprehensive, beautifully executed, and fun.

A Weekend About Doing BIG Things

This weekend I got to witness human ingenuity at its finest. A demonstration of what’s possible when a man rolls up his sleeves; Keeps his chin up and his head down. Of course, I’m referring to the Hoover Dam… and Mike Tyson.

Review: Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam: Southern Nevada’s local modern marvel of engineering. And feat of human ingenuity. Go and be awed and inspired.

A Weekend About Craftsmanship

This weekend, we explored Whisky Attic, and some of the most finely-crafted stuff in the world. And I found myself asking: Would we ever let this go? Will craftsmanship ever die?

Review: Whisky Attic

Whisky Attic: A totally unique, original whisky tasting and education experience amongst one of the largest whisky collections in the world.

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