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A Weekend About Drugs

First, I'm gonna tell you how drugs can be good. Then, I'm gonna tell you why we should legalize drugs. I might even tell you not to vote. It's gonna blow your mind.


A Weekend About Death

Whether we like it or not, Halloween is about death. (To be more specific, it's that day we used to believe the dead could walk among us.) Which means it's about fear. It's about facing these things we spend the other 364 days of the year trying to avoid. 

This weekend, we'll face them head on. 


A Weekend About Escape

Why are we so obsessed with Escape? In this episode, we'll try to nail it down.


A Weekend About Festing

This weekend, we'll eat and drink our way through Las Vegas. Maybe I'll even take home a souvenir or two.


A Weekend About America

WARNING: This episode contains nudity.

Sky Combat Ace

This weekend, I spent some time getting intimate with something Americans love more than anything: Danger. My quest gifted me some great new experiences along with a hearty portion of fear. It also caused me to dig deeper into the America-mania that is our culture and ask: how'd we get here? And where should we go next?

I'll give you a hint: It has something to do with taking your clothes off, the privatization of our prison system, and really large muffins. Oh, and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I think.


A Weekend About Home

This weekend, we went to Cedar City, Utah for the Shakespeare Festival. There's nothing like traveling to teach you a thing or two about home.

This weekend, we'll attempt to redefine what "home" means, and what role it plays in our lives. Hopefully, you'll leave with some clear direction on how to immediately make your life better. Plus, we'll dig into some of what drives us, and we'll explore an objective way to measure art. Stay with us.


A Weekend About Becoming The Best You

What does it look like to be the best version of you? What do you improve? What do you fix? What about the little stuff? Big stuff? 

If last weekend was all about the BIG, this weekend was all about small. Mini, actually. 

This weekend, I'll visit places that may be small, but are big in their own little way, and I'll ask the question, what does it look like to be the best you you can be?


A Weekend About God (Or Lack Thereof)

This weekend, I went the Grand Canyon and Lowell Observatory to see some really big things to ask some really big questions.


A Weekend About Trust

You're in an abyss. You're floating high above the clouds. Or maybe you're deep underwater. You're not sure; your senses are melting away. Or you may just be at Akhob, the permanent James Turrell exhibit on a secret floor of the Louis Vuitton store at Crystals. Trust me, wherever you are, you're glad you're here.  


A Weekend About Freedom

This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, which on the Las Vegas Strip has come to mean Aoki and Guetta will be playing at the pools and cabanas start at $5K.

Off the strip, Las Vegas locals are doing what folks do all around the country on MDW - eating meat outside and getting in some pool time. This weekend, I'll be doing my own flavor of both of those. My "pool time" will be billiards, and I'll leave the outside-meat-eating to the stars of the show at The Lion Habitat.

Memorial Day is about remembering those soldiers who died protecting our freedoms. This weekend, it will be all about redefining 'Freedom' for the American in all of us. Stay tuned; it could be a bumpy ride.


The Surreal Santa Barbara

This weekend, we went to Santa Barbara for our friends' wedding. What a relaxing weekend of wine tasting and eating and putting the "being" in human being. This place doesn't feel like reality. Maybe it's not. I tried to get to the bottom of things.


Slideshow: Neon Museum

Las Vegas has a complicated relationship with it's short, 100-year history. The Neon Museum is exhibit A.


A Weekend About Our Past

This weekend, I went back in time at the Mob Museum, Wynn Las Vegas, and more. I saw amazing performances harking back to centuries ago, decades ago, and years ago. And you know what I learned? Stay tuned.


A Weekend About Doing BIG Things

This weekend I got to witness human ingenuity at its finest. A demonstration of what's possible when a man rolls up his sleeves; Keeps his chin up and his head down. Of course, I'm referring to the Hoover Dam... and Mike Tyson.


A Weekend About Craftsmanship

This weekend, we explored Whisky Attic, and some of the most finely-crafted stuff in the world. And I found myself asking: Would we ever let this go? Will craftsmanship ever die?


A Weekend About Sports

This weekend, we explored some real gems that in 12 years living in Las Vegas, we somehow didn't know existed. (Until this weekend.) Oh, and we watched sports, of course! Duh!


A Weekend About Rednecks

My sister and brother were in town this weekend for a conference. Now, they're not rednecks. But they came all the way to Vegas to just try it on for the weekend. (Well, that, and they had a conference.) And it included The Bunkhouse Saloon, NASCAR, and a few surprises. I wonder what we'll find...


A Weekend About Comedy

This week I got to drink at a liquor store called Khoury's, laugh at a comedy club, and vote at a caucus. Hopefully I'll figure out what to laugh at and what to take seriously.


A Weekend About Cool

What do The Fonz, eating standing up, sci-fi thespians, and strippers all have in common? Stick around and find out as we take a journey through cool, from SLS to UFC.


A Weekend About Enlightenment

This week, I'll go high at Red Rock Conservation Area, get some live theater at The Onyx, and take it easy in Chinatown. And I'm ready to ask the question of a lifetime: Could Quentin Tarantino help me find enlightenment?


A Weekend About the Death of Music

For my first weekend of this project, I wanted to do something big, but not TOO big. I wanted to start on a high note (unfortunately, pun intended). I wanted to attend a performance by the Las Vegas Philharmonic, and I wanted to ask myself: Where will music go from here? 


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