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A Weekend About Drugs

First, I’m gonna tell you how drugs can be good. Then, I’m gonna tell you why we should legalize drugs. I might even tell you not to vote. It’s gonna blow your mind.

A Weekend About Death

Whether we like it or not, Halloween is about death. (To be more specific, it’s that day we used to believe the dead could walk among us.) Which means it’s about fear. It’s about facing these things we spend the other 364 days…

A Weekend About Escape

Why are we so obsessed with Escape? In this episode, we’ll try to nail it down.

A Weekend About Festing

This weekend, we’ll eat and drink our way through Las Vegas. Maybe I’ll even take home a souvenir or two.

A Weekend About America

WARNING: This episode contains nudity. This weekend, I spent some time getting intimate with something Americans love more than anything: Danger. My quest gifted me some great new experiences along with a hearty portion of fear. It also caused me to dig deeper into the America-mania that…

A Weekend About Home

This weekend, we went to Cedar City, Utah for the Shakespeare Festival. There’s nothing like traveling to teach you a thing or two about home. This weekend, we’ll attempt to redefine what “home” means, and what role it plays in our lives. Hopefully, you’ll…

A Weekend About Becoming The Best You

What does it look like to be the best version of you? What do you improve? What do you fix? What about the little stuff? Big stuff?  If last weekend was all about the BIG, this weekend was all about small. Mini, actually. …

A Weekend About God (Or Lack Thereof)

This weekend, I went the Grand Canyon and Lowell Observatory to see some really big things to ask some really big questions.

A Weekend About Trust

You’re in an abyss. You’re floating high above the clouds. Or maybe you’re deep underwater. You’re not sure; your senses are melting away. Or you may just be at Akhob, the permanent James Turrell exhibit on a secret floor of the Louis Vuitton store at Crystals. Trust…

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