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What is Make The Weekend?


Make the Weekend is about exploring the Las Vegas that I'm missing when I go to the strip, or going to Target again for some reason, or sitting home and catch up on Game of Thrones. It's about getting to know the city I live in just a little bit better. And hopefully it's about sharing some of that with you.

Tim & JackieFor those of you who don't know, in 2015, Jackie & I started a weekend program that goes like this:

  • Each weekend, one of us gets veto authority. So if we happen to disagree on what we wanna do that weekend, the weekend owner gets to decide.
  • The owner rotates back and forth every other weekend. Me one weekend, then her the next, then back to me...

In 2015, the weekend program worked out super awesome. It gave us both the ability to do our favorite things without the other person feeling like 'argh I gotta do this thing again,' and it had this, I don't know, baked in sense of equality about it. And I just love that.

After all, we are equal partners in life - why not in weekends, too?Tim & Jackie

When we would tell other people about the weekend program, they would be like, "Wow, that's an awesome idea. I wanna steal that right away." And we would be like, "Yeah, please, by all means, go for it."

We joked about how we need to tell the internet because more people need to hear about this awesome program. Well, here we are!

With the 2016 New Year, I decided that this year, I wanted to blow it out. I wanted to plan something super awesome for every time it was my weekend.

I wanted to get to know Las Vegas. Do all the things I always just thought about doing in passing, knowing I would never get to them. I wanted to make the weekend ... Adventurous. Exciting. Cultural. Educational. Riveting. A little scary. Memorable. Awesome.

Tim & JackieSo why blog about it?

  1. Because I wanted to document my way through it. 
  2. Economists call it a 'commitment instrument'. Your present day self would like your future self to continue performing (or not performing) a certain behavior, like exercising, or dieting, or quitting smoking. In order to do it, to keep yourself committed, you give yourself commitment instruments. For example, telling everyone you know. That way if you fall off the waggon, you'll bear the weight of public humiliation. This site is sort of my commitment instrument, because keeping up it every other weekend for a year isn't going to be easy.
  3. Finally, because we're hopefully gonna uncover some cool Las Vegas shit. And I want you the reader to go support that shit too. This is what makes our town great. We keep our culture alive by being a part of it. So check out the links I post each week. Go give these people money. And let's make Las Vegas great again.


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